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Finding the Right Tenant

OMARSHALL carefully screens every tenant and sees this process as the crucial first step in a successful tenant/owner relationship. Our rigorous application process does its best to ensure that your tenants are both responsible and timely clients, and equally important, a good fit for your specific property.


OMARSHALL INC. collects all rents, direct deposits, and/or mails checks to owners and we do it promptly and efficiently. Each month, owners receive statements that include income, expenses, and year to date totals. The statements we generate are itemized, easy to read, and provide all information necessary for your year-end accounting.

Maintenance & Repairs

Our deep database of local business owners, professionals, and experts ensure a timely response and the best possible price, for all day-to-day maintenance and repairs that come with managing any property. Additionally, our 24-hour emergency hotline allows for your tenant to reach out to us as your representative to make necessary executive decisions on your behalf. When it comes to leaks, floods, and any other emergency you can rest assured that we’re always there to take care of it. With our commitment to excellence, both owners and tenants can expect a stress-free arrangement that ensures a comfortable living experience.

Marketing Your Home

Through online outlets, social media, and personalized Open Houses, your property will be visible to all qualified tenants throughout the area its located within as well as surrounding areas. Our marketing includes online advertisements, social media campaigns, highlighted positioning on our rental-specific website as well as a fully-staffed and professional office seven days a week. With our commitment to excellence, we’re always prepared to greet prospective tenants, arrange showings, promote open houses, and more. We are committed to going the extra mile to find the perfect, qualified tenant for your property.


Get in Touch

If you are curious to hear more about us and what we can offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to helping you achieve all your property-related goals. Send us your brief and learn how we work.

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